Before Your Appointment

Organise any relevant documents including test results, x-rays or medical histories relating to your medical problem to bring to your appointment. At the reception desk, you will fill out a medical history questionnaire, and you should have a list of any medications you may take on a regular basis. Prior to arriving, please review any previous directions from your doctor about dietary or medication restrictions. Finally, ask friends or family to accompany you to the appointment if you wish.

During Your Appointment

Make the most of your appointment by asking your doctor questions. Being actively involved in your healthcare is one of the most important steps to having the best care experience.

After Your Appointment

Follow any special directions the doctor may have given you, including taking specific medications or precautions. If you need a secondary appointment, our experienced medical team will provide you with a new appointment at the earliest date. Make sure to attend any follow up appointments as it allows our doctors to monitor your health efficiently. Finally, any required additional tests such as x-rays should be completed prior to your next appointment.

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Dr. faheem tadros from al zahra hospital trea...

Dr. faheem tadros from al zahra hospital trea...

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